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Now that journalists are now longer restricted by newspaper printing schedules, quality reports and in-depth analysis can be written and published online immediately as events unfold, reaching wider audiences and gaining even more impact than ever. Moreover, publishers can now choose to support their stories with live materials instead of images, which will never tell the story as completely as video will.All of this adds tremendous value to modern journalism, but at the same time requires having a reliable partner to integrate new technologies into the publishing process in a way that won’t interfere with the journalist’s working methods

Having assisted various types of media companies undergoing digital transformation over the years, we understand that even though press, TV, and radio have now more and more in common as they all converge online, their way of getting there depends on their unique character, tradition and specific needs of professionals who stand behind them. Our expertise allows us to help publishers leverage their stories across all platforms and screens without unnecessary effort and upfront investments to make. We will get you started as soon as possible and provide you with tailor-made solutions based on the latest technology, without distracting you from creating great journalism.

Our end-to-end solutions for publishers allow to:

Broadcast live events such as press conferences and political debates while writing about the story as it unfolds
Clip important moments from the live stream and immediately use them to illustrate articles and social media posts
Create easily searchable archives of all videos related to the content of your articles
Monetize content with ads and paywall for premium articles
Automate the technical background of the publishing process in order to reduce costs


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