Assisting telcos in the content delivery revolution

Telcos are no longer just network providers - they more and more often act as media companies, using their own infrastructure to distribute great content. Yet, together with a new role come new challenges. Telcos have joined broadcasters, digital media pure players and publishers in their race for the attention and loyalty of modern audiences. This competition requires proactivity in managing the innovation, rich technical expertise and deep understanding of the entire media landscape, all of which Hexaglobe has built over the years spent serving the industry undergoing a true digital revolution.

As we evolved from a telco consultancy into digital media specialists, our goal is now to help the industry to establish reliable workflows that seize the opportunities brought by the OTT technology in a similar way we do it for broadcasters.

Our services dedicated to the telco industry include:

Industrial transcoding of live and VOD content
Scalable delivery systems for distributing content within your network, including multicast delivery services for live streaming
Live-to-file solutions with automated extraction of VOD content from live streaming
Archiving video assets and providing precise search capabilities for the subscribers so that they can easily find the content they want to enjoy
Multi-screen applications for PC, mobile devices and TV (through Chromecast or set-top-boxes)
Assuring that you always meet your carrier grade SLA on video delivery
Integrating content monetization solutions with your payments gateways
Automated content syndication systems

We build fail-safe systems that operate round the clock, with special attention to respecting even the most stringent SLA terms. They offer advanced monitoring and supervision capabilities, with SNMP and REST web services.


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