Transmedia Experience

Transmedia storytelling is a technique of developing a narrative across multiple media platforms through their creative and well-planned use: usually, each channel offers a new insight into the story or a new way to experience it.
As it embraces the ability of stories to start on one medium and continue throughout others, we see this innovative concept as the right answer to the ever-rising expectations of modern, digital native audiences, constantly switching between different devices and demanding access to the content they enjoy anytime and anywhere

Explaining the idea of transmedia experience

Inspired by the concept of transmedia storytelling, Hexaglobe provides modular and scalable OTT solutions for delivering complementary parts of content through different digital media platforms that can be mixed and matched to transform your story into a unique transmedia experience.
The goal of transmedia projects powered by Hexaglobe is to surround and immerse the audience with the story by making it available anytime and anywhere and by offering a highly engaging way for the viewers to discover it across a variety of platforms.

Making all digital media channels work together for better results

Integrating multiple platforms to reach more viewers

By making your content available anytime and anywhere, creating a transmedia experience allows you to reach wider audiences among the users of a variety of channels and devices.
Our solutions ensure seamless integration of multiple platforms into your workflow, so that you can publish and manage content across all of them simultaneously and see your viewership results grow

Offering more engaging ways to discover your content

Discovering complementary part of the story through a variety of touchpoints is a far more engaging process than just passively consuming content available on a single platform.
By mixing and matching OTT solutions by Hexaglobe, you can design a transmedia experience to be enjoyed in as many ways and on as many screens as you decide, driving audience motivation to engage with your content and to share it with others, which will contribute to spreading your story even further.

Immersing the audience in your story

To make it more absorbing, invite your audience to participate in the unfolding of your narrative as they follow it across multiple platforms. Emotionally and intellectually immersed in the story world or brand experience that you create, your viewers will always remain eager to discover more.
By turning active involvement into meaningful connections that last, offering a transmedia experience to your audience will keep you one step ahead of the competition for their loyalty.

Getting to know your audience better

Creating more ways to engage with your story also means creating more opportunities to gather relevant data explaining your audience’s habits and preferences.
This is why apart from solutions for distributing your content, Hexaglobe provides you with advanced real-time analytics that help you assure impeccable quality of your service and improve your monetization results.

Create your own Transmedia Experience by Hexaglobe

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Define the creative concept

there are multiple ways of telling transmedia stories as well as various possibilities of using our solutions for delivering them. From surrounding the viewers with content available anytime and anywhere to designing a unique journey for your audience by spreading parts of the narrative across different platforms, our tools allow to deliver any kind of experience that you wish to offer - it’s up to you and your creativity how you are going to use them.

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Pick your platforms

include as many ways to enjoy your content as you want. Social media, mobile apps, websites, your very own VOD service, platforms like iTunes and YouTube or maybe digital signage screens in locations of your choice - which of them would you like to use to tell your story?

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Distribute your content with Hexaglobe solutions

from ingest to delivery, we will cover the whole technical process powering your transmedia experience. With our live event support, encoding and transcoding solutions, video clipping tool, content distribution services as well as solutions for building media platforms and streaming content on digital signage displays, we are ready to deliver your experience to all screens and platforms.


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