Smart solutions for driving ad revenues

Hexaglobe offers solutions for both client-side and server-side ad insertion, allowing you to choose the model that best matches your content monetization strategy, budget and technical requirements.
This way, we can provide the most suitable technology to enable your video streaming service to cooperate with leading advertising networks, while also preventing you from losing ad revenues caused by the usage of blocking software or sacrificing user experience quality due to ad reloading and buffering interrupting content playout.


All of the video players provided by Hexaglobe comply with VAST and VPAID standards, which makes them fully compatible with all of the leading ad networks and ad servers on the market. They can support both standard in-stream video ads as well as interactive rich media formats, while also providing advanced viewer analytics at the same time.

InStream Ad Stitching

Ad Stitching seamlessly integrates ads with your live and VOD content to ensure uninterrupted playout of the entire streaming, including ads. The method also allows for precise audience targeting and helps to avoid the threat of ad blockers, which makes it a highly efficient solution, especially for large-scale video streaming services.

support all leading ad servers and formats

drive revenues regardless of ad blocking software usage

analyse ad performance with accurate metrics

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