Secure and reliable signal acquisition

Signal acquisition is a prerequisite in any OTT project. Yet, due to a wide variety of devices and locations, the transition from SDI to IP and the ever-increasing usage of the public Internet as a transport medium, it has become more difficult than ever. Moreover, the demand for new features such as acquisition of synchronized temporal metadata and ad-insertion through SCTE 104 add even more importance and complexity to this process.

Hexaglobe will provide a suitable way to transport all your video signals for further processing and streaming in a secure way, on time and in high quality, while also helping you reduce latency of your live streaming, ensure reliability in case of a transmission error and monitor signal and playout quality.


Many signals are available on satellite or digital terrestrial television. Hexaglobe operates a headend in Paris, which allows us to capture and manage signals coming from a variety of orbital positions for you.


A single error in compressed signal transmission may corrupt up to 2 seconds of broadcast, which is absolutely unacceptable. In order to ensure fail-safe transmission, Hexaglobe can deploy an FEC technology that will detect and correct errors immediately by reconstructing the original signal.
In order to ensure fail-safe transmission, we can deploy an FEC technology that will detect and correct errors immediately by reconstructing the original signal.
How it works: FEC adds redundant information to the original signal before transmission. Upon reception, the signal is compared to the redundant information, which allows precise error detection. Then, in case anything is wrong, we immediately reconstruct the original signal with the redundant information, using Advanced Algorithms.


Whether you decide to optimize costs or ensure maximum reliability, Hexaglobe can help you find the right telecommunication technology to support your ingest operations.
As a French telco licence holder with years of experience in the industry, we developed a trusted network of suppliers, ready to deploy the most suited telecommunication technology whether it is DWDM over dark fiber, wavelength, managed IP transport, VSAT or any other solution needed.

ingest operations made to measure by our engineering teams

reliable solutions for fail-safe signal transmission

a wide variety of ingest technologies and services available - including headend, dark fiber, IP Transport and VSAT

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