Temporal metadata to power outstanding viewing experiences

Live logging allows to assign descriptive metadata to every person, object and action that appears in the streaming, making detailed information about content available for production teams and the audiences in real time. This opens unlimited possibilities of crafting the viewing experience - by using the temporal metadata to offer on-demand features and rich user interactions with live content.


Associate precise temporal metadata with everything that happens and appears in the live streaming, so that both your production teams and end users can navigate through the content to find back relevant moments whenever needed.
You can either choose to do it manually, by assigning predefined tags to key persons and actions or to automate the process with advanced features based on Artificial Intelligence (AI): speech-to-text indexing, object and face recognition.


Our live logging tool is natively integrated with a video clipping solution, so that you can facilitate or even fully automate the process of extracting replay materials for immediate multiplatform publishing based on temporal metadata assigned to the content in real time.


The intelligent live logging tool can provide metadata suited to power any game-changing features that you would like to offer to the audiences. It can be automatically exported to video players, allowing to provide on-demand functionalities and rich user interactions with live content.
For example, you can allow users to go back to a goal they missed in a football match or to look into their favourite player’s performance anytime during the streaming.

Simple user interface, ideal for journalists and users with no technical background: no need for expensive and time-consuming training.

Artificial Intelligence-based plugin for fully automated video content indexing in real time.

Native integration with a video clipping solution: metadata created in the logging suite is instantly available for the users working with the clipping tool.

Content chaptering and automated metadata export to web players and VOD platforms available directly through the interface.

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