flexible solutions for OOH video streaming

Digital signage display systems can be integrated with other solutions by Hexaglobe and serve as an independent OOH communication channel or as an integral part of your transmedia experience, allowing to connect brands with their audiences anywhere they go.
Quick and easy to set up, the solution can be deployed almost anywhere and be adapted to serve various purposes, including streaming live sports transmissions, advertising and sharing information, adding tremendous value to your communication efforts.

Benefits of digital signage display systems

Maximum flexibility

from infographics and dynamic content to live TV channels - commercial or created exclusively for this platform, the solution supports any type of content, offers countless possibilities of customization and allows to make adjustments on the go.

centralized in-cloud administration

a simple online interface for managing the streaming allows to switch channels and integrate additional information in form of HTML5 overlays with content displayed on all screens in all locations at once.

ultra-low latency streaming capability

tested and trusted by Customers representing the betting industry, our solution proves its capability to deliver live streaming as close to real time as possible.

cost-effective and scalable digital OOH channel

Hexaglobe STB for digital signage can be deployed in thousands locations, allowing for significant economies of scale in comparison to competitive solutions for OOH video streaming.


supporting betting operations

With their ultra-low latency streaming capability, digital signage systems by Hexaglobe are ideal for supporting betting operations in points of sale with live sports transmissions displayed together with graphical overlays including odd comparisons, special offers and competition results that you can remotely edit in real time through a centralized online interface.

on-site streaming at live events

Digital signage systems can also be deployed on-site at any event venue in order to let the audience enjoy the action from various camera angles, share their tweets as they are posted in real time and to display exclusive materials from behind the stage, ads or any information useful for the public.

advertising and POS marketing

Retailers and brands can use digital signage displays as an independent OOH communication channel for advertising, displaying product information in stores and promoting sales. Content can be customized and varied to match different location profiles, particular target group preferences and to support regional marketing activations.

streaming TV channels in all types of venues

The solution can also be deployed in corporate offices and their receptions, lobbies and hospitality lounges of all types of venues to broadcast either commercial or custom-made live TV channels.

streaming information in public spaces and transport

As a highly cost-effective and easily scalable communication channel, digital signage systems serve as an ideal platform for displaying up-to-date information and social campaigns in public spaces and transportation.

How it works:

Designed for maximum simplicity, the solution is powered with simple set-top-boxes that guarantee fast and easy deployment - with just one QR code to scan in order to start streaming. Then, they can be centrally managed from the cloud, which assures smooth running of the service on a day-to-day basis.

Ideal for ultra-low latency live streaming, the STB devices are compatible with various ingest methods, codecs and video streaming protocols. They also support multicast signal transmission, which allows for significant cost savings compared to conventional video streaming methods - especially for large-scale projects.

The online administration interface allows to customize the streaming at any given moment, edit HTML5 overlays with additional information and switch channels displayed in particular locations or in all of them at the same time, regardless of the number of set-top-boxes deployed.

Apart from live video streams, digital signage systems can also accommodate any other type of content - including VOD and replay materials, video ads, menus, infographics or even tweets displayed in real time as they’re posted online.

Complementary for both live and file workflows

asset & metadata management

asset & metadata management


live transcoding

live logging

video clipping

file transcoding

asset & metadata management

subscription & billing

ad insertion

content syndication

video players

big data analytics

digital signage system



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