A new generation of live streaming services

OTT technology is now revolutionizing the way all types of live events are viewed, enjoyed and shared. The audiences of sports, news or cultural events alike expect live streaming services to be accessible from any device, to offer picture and sound quality equivalent to live TV and to be equally functional as VOD.

Fully adaptable to suit any event scale, location and concept, our tools allow to create end-to-end solutions for live streaming services that redefine viewing experience with interactive features and advanced search capabilities available for the audience in real time.

Must-have features for an outstanding live streaming service

ultra-low latency: in industries such as sports, betting operations or news, your content only matters if it’s delivered on time - to all users in all locations, watching the stream on any device that’s convenient for them at the moment.

seamless workflow integration: natively integrated live logging and video clipping tools allow to immediately edit and publish replays, summaries and action highlights across social media, websites and mobile apps - all at once, for maximum buzz around the event.

amazing viewing experience: on-demand features adapted for live streaming can now allow each user to enjoy sports and cultural events their own way - with the ability to switch freely between different camera views and re-watch key moments at any given time.

quality of streaming: impeccable picture and sound quality is an absolute must-have feature for sports, culture and entertainment streaming, which calls for state-of-the-art technology and reliable partners to be involved in the process.

INGEST: for fail-safe signal acquisition from any event venue

Building a live streaming workflow starts with choosing the right ingest method for secure and fully dependable signal transmission.

Regardless of the type of the event, its scale and location, Hexaglobe can provide the most suitable solution for capturing and transporting your video signals for ultra-low latency live streaming. Whether you decide to optimize costs, ensure maximum reliability or offer the best quality possible, our solutions ranging from headend management, forward error correction (FEC), dark fiber, wavelength services to IP Transport and VSAT are all at your disposal to help you meet your objectives.

LIVE TRANSCODING: for bringing live action to any screen

Hexaglobe live transcoding services can be both hosted in the cloud or deployed on-site at any location in order to offer maximum flexibility for event production teams. They’re optimized to provide superior picture quality and high density, while keeping operation costs and power consumption in check.

Our live transcoding services offer:

  • Integrated packager and origin in order to reduce the complexity of serving a wide range of devices
  • Ability to add leading DRM solutions, especially with DASH encapsulation
  • Ultra-low latency streaming capability for sport transmissions and supporting betting operations
  • Possibility to synchronize key-frames on more than one live stream to allow seamless camera switching
  • H265 support to provide excellent picture quality even at low bitrates
  • Multicast support

LIVE LOGGING: for powering rich user interactions with temporal metadata

Live logging is a fast and efficient way to provide advanced search capabilities for both your editor teams and the audience.

Our solution, designed for maximum simplicity, allows to associate pre-defined metadata with objects, people and actions in your live stream in real time, which serves two very important purposes:

Automating clip extraction

The solution is natively integrated with a video clipping tool, which allows to facilitate or even fully automate the process of extracting and publishing replay materials to reach audiences across all platforms as fast as possible.

Providing on-demand functions for live streaming

Assigning temporal metadata to your content allows to treat your audience with features that used to be exclusive to VOD services: precise navigation within the streaming, on-demand replays and rich user interactions within the live player.

VIDEO CLIPPING for instant multi-platform publishing of replays and action highlights

Tight integration with the live logging suite allows to immediately create action highlights and video summaries of your event that can be published across all of your social media profiles, websites and mobile apps simultaneously. This way, you can leverage your content across multiple platforms at minimal effort, giving your audience a chance to participate in a true transmedia experience.

For maximum simplicity, our video clipping solution features a simple, web-based interface that allows to create, edit and share clips using any device with access to the Internet.

VIDEO PLAYERS: for multi-camera streaming and interactive timelines

The latest generation of our video players can display various camera views at the same time and allows to switch between them at any given moment. With this feature, you can let the audience take a look behind the scenes of your show, keep an eye on multiple scenes during a music festival or eben follow different games taking place in various locations at the same time.

To give the audience full control over live action, our players also include interactive timelines for precise navigation within the streaming. Powered with temporal metadata assigned to the content using Hexaglobe live logging tool, the solution allows viewers to re-watch any important moment and immediately switch back to the live stream.

CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK: for ultra low-latency content delivery

No signal interruptions or delays are acceptable when reporting news, broadcasting sports events and supporting betting operations.

In order to ensure fail-safe, worldwide distribution of live video, choose a Content Delivery Network designed with ultra-low latency streaming in mind. With its unique architecture, our CDN will bring live action to audiences anywhere as close to real time as possible.

BIG DATA ANALYTICS: for real-time troubleshooting and an impeccable QoS

As a Hexaglobe customer, you will receive access to a real-time analytics dashboard offering centralized data for all platforms that stream your event. Designed to serve engineering and marketing teams alike by letting them monitor their own sets of indicators that most matter to their KPIs, the solution allows to:

  • control and optimize the quality of your live streaming service delivered by each telecom operator
  • detect and eliminate technical problems before they’re even noticed by the audience
  • better understand the audience’s viewing behavior and preferences


SUBSCRIPTION AND BILLING MANAGEMENT: for pay-per view streams and premium services

Whether you decide to offer access to your streaming on a subscription or pay-per-view basis, Hexaglobe can provide you with simple middleware that allows to cooperate with as many operators as needed to guarantee international coverage of your service. This way, you’ll be able to offer a variety of currencies and payment methods to choose from and to ensure absolute security of transactions made by your viewers - all without making any changes to your website’s infrastructure.

AD INSERTION: for driving ad revenues without worrying about ad-blockers

Depending on your business model and the nature of your event, you can also decide to monetize your live streaming with ads. In this case, we will provide you with solutions for either client-side or server-side ad insertion that prevents you from losing revenues due to ad blocking software usage.

All of our players comply with VAST and VPAID standards which means that they are fully compatible with all of the leading ad networks and ad servers on the market. They can support both regular pre-roll or in-stream video ads as well as interactive rich media formats.

CONTENT SYNDICATION: for promoting live content across top platforms

We can also help you leverage your content across a variety of social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook Live as well as all of your commercial partners’ websites and mobile apps. Even though multi-platform distribution of live streams is a particularly error-prone process, you won’t need to worry about it anymore - Hexaglobe will automate and skillfully manage it for you, so that each partner receives video streams and metadata matching their specific requirements, immediately and without a single inaccuracy.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE DISPLAYS: for non-standard projects - onsite and anywhere else

Digital signage display systems make for a powerful communication channel ideal for streaming live content - either on its own or combined with additional information, exclusive video materials or even tweets from the audience - to create an unforgettable transmedia experience.

The solution, powered with an Android set-top box, allows to stream live content on screens located around the event venue or anywhere else including public spaces, bars, restaurants and retail points. Digital signage systems can serve various purposes, including:

  • displaying behind-the-scenes materials or various camera views during cultural events
  • broadcasting news and sports transmissions via dedicated live IPTV channels to hospitality venues and points of sale
  • supporting betting operations with live streaming: from single or multiple locations at the same time, paired with live scores, tips and special offers

The solution features a web-based administration panel, allowing to easily manage the streaming on all screens in all locations at the same time.

Solution benefits

for your service

  • All the latest technology at your disposal without unnecessary investments and efforts
  • Scalable and cost-effective solutions for streaming all types of live events
  • Seamless integration with EPG, conductors, DRM systems and anything else needed to ensure safe and precisely timed live streaming

for the end users

  • Full control over the live streaming with precise navigation and multiple camera views to choose from
  • Immediate access to live content - no interruptions, no delays
  • Perfect playout on any device, operating system and bowser


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