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Hexaglobe creates scalable, end-to-end video streaming platforms to match any business model - AVOD (ad-based VOD), TVOD (transactional VOD) or SVOD (subscription VOD), featuring practical asset management tools, ensuring worldwide coverage of service and embracing the power of big data to provide a top notch viewing experience.

Must-have features for an outstanding VOD service

intelligent asset management

skillful asset and metadata management is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO) and for enabling precise navigation through VOD content for end users - both absolutely necessary for allowing your videos to be found, especially if you operate in the long tail.

load balancing

a successful VOD service needs to handle traffic spikes and ensure perfect playout even for the most popular content, which requires using a CDN designed and optimized specifically for video distribution

international payment availability

offering premium online video services also requires offering a variety of currencies and secure payment methods for the audiences to choose from. For this reason, we provide middleware that allows VOD platforms to cooperate with as many billing partners as needed to ensure worldwide coverage of their service.


INGEST: for optimum file workflow scalability

All Hexaglobe solutions are compatible with multiple media ingest methods, which allows us to seamlessly integrate them with already existing workflows to support the streaming format of your choice. This way, we can offer fast setup and optimum scalability of VOD workflows, helping you make significant cost savings.

FILE TRANSCODING: for multi-screen distribution of any amount of content

Once your files are ingested into the OTT workflow, you’ll need to adapt them to all devices used by the viewers, which gets more and more difficult as the scale of your service grows. For this reason, Hexaglobe provides transcoding services natively integrated with a dedicated queue and farm management system that allows to put even the most complicated operations in order. Our solution allows to process files with up to 10x real-time speed, while also providing a variety of additional functionalities through 3rd party integrations.

ASSET AND METADATA MANAGEMENT: for making your content easier to find

Proper asset and metadata management is a must for any video streaming service. It allows to protect your videos against unauthorized viewing and copying, provide precise search capabilities and content suggestions for the viewers as well as to boost SEO rankings to maximize the visibility of your content - even if you’re operating in the long tail.

VIDEO PLAYERS: for a flawless viewing experience

Needless to say, video players make for an essential part of any VOD service. Yet, those can’t just be any players - they need to ensure perfect playout quality at any given bitrate, offer customization options to match your brand identity and allow to integrate DRM systems in order to prevent unauthorised viewing and copying of your content.

CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK: for global distribution of high quality video

Optimized specifically for video distribution, CDN by Hexaglobe offers excellent load time and smooth playout of VOD assets - both for the most frequently watched of your assets and long-tail content. The unique architecture of our CDN allows for significant cost savings without sacrificing the quality streaming. The solution is also fully compatible with DVR, transcoding and transmuxing services in order to offer maximum flexibility to VOD platform operators.

BIG DATA ANALYTICS: for better optimized video streaming services

VOD platforms by Hexaglobe come with an advanced analytics tool providing a detailed picture of all aspects of your video streaming business. Both tech and marketing divisions of your company will be able to select their own set of indicators and monitor them using a dashboard that unifies data for multiple distribution channels - including your own video platform as well as all of your commercial partners. This way, you’ll be able to develop a better understanding of viewer behavior and preferences, monitor and optimize quality of service and fix any technical issues before anyone notices.

Optional features:

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SUBSCRIPTION AND BILLING MANAGEMENT: for international coverage of SVOD and TVOD services

In order to ensure global coverage of subscription-based and pay-per-view VOD services, Hexaglobe provides middleware that allows to cooperate with as many international billing partners as needed without making unnecessary changes to the website infrastructure.

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AD INSERTION: for profitable AVOD platforms

For video platforms based on advertising, we integrate the most efficient solutions that allow to cooperate with all the leading networks and ad servers, while also preventing you from losing revenues due to the ever-growing usage of ad blocking software.

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CONTENT SYNDICATION: for a worry-free multi distribution of VOD and catch-up TV assets

We can also automate multi-platform distribution of catch-up TV and on-demand content, so that you can leverage it across other online video services and social media or in cooperation with cable TV operators and ISPs.

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